Wide Angles Property Marketing Services Oxfordshire - Elevated Property Photography

Elevated photography isn’t just for the high end property market; if anything it creates more of an impact when used on the ‘bread and butter’ properties found in and around Oxford.

Elevated photography gives a completely different perspective on the look of a property which can make it really stand out from others when prospective buyers are searching through property search engines such as Rightmove..!

Below are two images of a lovely terraced house I photographed in Jericho recently – One is shot at ground level and the other using a mast which I erected on the opposite side of the road.

Ground Level

Elevated View

As you can see there is a very big difference – The cars on the street are less prominent in the elevated view and you can see a lot more of the frontage of the house – You can also see the roof which gives the property better perspective and the Velux windows suggest there’s a second floor.