Worried about having an uncomfortable conversation with a vendor or a potential vendor about the fact that their property could look better.  They’ve lived there for 25 years and love their home but you know the buyers aren’t going to feel the same – awkward!  

Do you ignore it, take the instruction, commission the photography and then three months later with no offers and negative comments from viewers you really do need to address the conversation – even more awkward!  If the ‘awkward’ conversation goes well and you keep the instruction, the client makes some changes then you’ve got to fork out for another set of photographs – aarghh!  

What’s the solution?  The ideal is to get a professional home stager in from the start.  A home stager’s job is to help market the property by making changes to present it as attractively and appropriately for the target market as possible with the aim of getting a quick sale at the highest price.  Find a good one, who’s local to the area, and give your client their details.  Most stagers will give a free initial consultation and offer a few tips that will be enough for the home owner to make a difference to the presentation of their property.  The photographer can then come in (only once!) and get a great set of shots.  When more is required the home stager will recommend a course of action to the vendor and will list the cost of their services.  

So the upside – well most importantly YOU don’t have to have the awkward conversation!  The home stager will have done it for you in a tactful and sensitive way so no-one is offended and only benefits are seen.  Your client is happy and  thanks you for your foresight in recommending staging.

Wide Angles works closely with reputable local stagers and would be more than happy to make an introduction – As this is a service the vendor would pay for we offer packages where a property reshoot is included in the price negating additional costs incurred by you, the agent for additional images.