Agents already understand the value of floor plans, we are now taking that floorplan visualisation a step further, Wide Angles have partnered with emapsite to offer you plot plans, and detailed street/area plans, using the latest Ordnance Survey data which is updated every 6 weeks.

It’s great to work with Fiona again who heads up new business at emapsite, she is a long-standing contact with a background in property herself, when I asked her what she thought the value of these plans are she said it’s something that vendors and buyers both value, especially:

  • On larger plots to show the area
  • On properties with plots that could be subdivided
  • On unusual shaped plots, large or small
  • To show how a property sits within a plot, or in relation to the surrounding property
  • To show the location of outbuildings in relation to the property
  • When a property has few photographs chosen, due to poor condition, and you want images on your particulars
  • When a property is likely to be demolished and purchased more for the plot potential

Wide Angles deliver the most comprehensive, quality marketing visuals for your vendors and this is just another addition to our service. Please get in touch for more information.